Board of elders and deacons

The Consistory is our governing board here at Faith Reformed Church.

  • Our Consistory consists of six Elders, six Deacons and two of our Pastors. 
  • Elders are responsible for the spiritual life of the congregation. They receive individuals into membership of the church, and plan and participate in the observance of sacraments. 
  • Deacons lead in ministries of mercy, justice, service, and outreach. They care for the needs of people within the congregation and in the surrounding community

A list of our Elders and Deacons, along with some personal biographical information is listed below. If you would like to contact one of our Elders or Deacons, click on their name to open an email window.

For the convenience of our congregation, copies of Consistory meeting minutes may be obtained through the Church Office (231.947.7082).

     My wife Sue and I moved to Traverse City in 1980. We have been married 40 years and have 2 children, Kate and Steve and 7 grandchildren, all of whom live in Traverse City. We have been at Faith Reformed Church since 1996.

My career path includes public accounting and teaching at Ferris State University. In 2000 I retired from teaching to enter seminary to become a Minister of Word and Sacrament in the RCA. I served as a hospice chaplain before serving in full-time ministry at Faith Reformed Church, where I held the positions of Director of Caring Ministries and Associate Pastor. Currently I am a member of the worship team and serve as a teacher in the Sunday morning learning hour. In my spare time I volunteer for Freedom Builder Missions and enjoy life with my family.

I have been a part of Faith Reformed Church for nearly 20 years. I attended youth group at Faith Reformed Church and went to college at Indiana Wesleyan University. I am currently a middle school teacher and educational counselor at Traverse City Christian School, working there for almost 11 years. Elizabeth and I have been married for 8 years and have 3 beautiful children (Zoey-6, Gideon-3, and Jonathan-1.) Interests and passions include adoption, helping kids from hard places, coaching baseball, and history. I love sports and spending time at home with my family.

Kortney hawkins, deacon

I was born in Big Rapids, Michigan but moved to Traverse City at a year old.  Northern Michigan has been my home for my whole life. My parents settled here and found a church home at Faith Reformed Church.  I feel very blessed to come from a loving Christian home and enjoy worshiping with my parents on Sundays.   

I met my best friend and husband in middle school, and after high school, we attended college at NMC for 2 years before transferring to Northern Michigan University in Marquette.  We both received our undergrad degrees in Education and moved back to the Traverse City area to receive our Master’s degree.  I have been a Special Education teacher for Kingsley Area schools for 16 years.  My husband and I love the small town environment that Kingsley offers our family.   

My husband Jamie and I were married at Faith Reformed in May 1998.  We have 2 daughters, Avery and Allie.  As a family we enjoy many outdoor activities such as hunting, gardening, hiking, softball and snowboarding.  We have a beautiful little homestead that is one of my favorite places in the world.

I am humbled to be called to be on Consistory in a church that has been home to me for the last 40 years.  I am excited to participate with the good things God has planned for our church in the future. 

I was born in Grand Rapids, MI, into a wonderful Christ-centered family, and raised in the Christian faith. As an adult, I realized I had to decide whether “the faith of our fathers” was indeed my faith, and after some soul-searching, my decision was “yes.” I saw that, if indeed, “in the beginning God created” and if indeed, 2000 years ago Jesus really walked out of His grave three days after He really died...then that changes

EVERYTHING. If that is true, there is simply nothing more important than that fact and to follow Someone who did that - for me and for you!

Forty years ago I came to TC for some electronics education under the GI Bill. I worked with computer hardware and software, including the Lear building on S. Airport Rd. Since retiring in 2004, I increasingly realize that every day is God’s good gift, and I hope to serve Him each day as best I can.

Jan Kelly, Deacon

My husband Dan and I have been members of Faith Reformed Church for 25 years. We have 3 married children, Joshua (Marcy), Samuel (Paige), Alexi (Kevin).

We have 2 grandchildren, Tori and Jackson, born to Alexi and Kevin.

I work with Dan in our catering business in the accounting area. I am also involved in Community Bible Study, our Faith Reformed Church small group, and Pilates.

I enjoy spending time with our children and grandchildren which involves traveling to the Chicago area, Asheville, NC and hopefully in near future Okinawa, Japan, where our son Samuel is serving in the USMC.

I also enjoy outdoor activities such as downhill and cross-country sking, biking, snorkeling and walking our 2 dogs, Maya and River.

chuck lamper, ELDER

Born and raised in the Grand Rapids area, my parents joined Fairview Reformed Church when I was 8 years old and I was baptized at that time.  I joined the church at 17 having been told that was the thing to do.  However, during the following years my life didn’t reflect the stand that I had taken for Christ.  One Sunday God used the pastor’s sermon to help me understand the way I was living was not what I had promised the Lord several years before.  At 22 I recommitted to the Lord and asked Him to help me live for Him.

The pastor’s wife invited their son’s school teacher, Ruth Gerritsen, to church, she attended our adult class and later became the Junior Choir director.  I asked her for a date, which she accepted and I took her to the stock car races at Marne…  not knowing she hated auto racing.  Thankfully, that didn’t end our relationship and we married in 1966.  We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in a wonderful lodge in the Smokey Mountains near Gatlinburg, TN in June 2016 with our son, daughter and our five grandchildren.

I have previously served as deacon and as elder.  Retiring from Consumers Energy in 1998, we moved to Traverse City and chose Faith Reformed as our place of worship.  We attended the “Getting to Know Faith” classes and joined FRC.

After attending the 55+ Bible study for several years, I was asked to lead the weekly study.  We have great discussions and I thank God for each of our participants.

I also served with the Tool Time Ministry here at FRC for 9 years, helping many in this community with things such as moving, painting, building wheelchair ramps, and minor repairs around the homes of those in difficult situations.

Eight or nine years ago in was encouraged to get involved with Crossroad Bible Institute, which ministers to those in our nation’s prison system.  Prisoners join CBI, receive a Bible study lesson and daily Roadmap which helps them study, learn and write down what they have learned.  Each week I receive a packet from a prisoner to correct  and review their Roadmap work, write a letter of encouragement, and mail it back.  I’ve  had lessons from every state except Hawaii. I’m very encouraged by what many of these prisoners write regarding how the Lord is at work in their lives.

The Lord has chosen me to serve as elder once again.  I will strive to do my best and to honor Him in so doing.

My wife, Meg, and I have attended Faith Reformed Church since our arrival in Traverse City in 1990. We attended Community of Joy during its season, where I was honored to serve as an Elder.

Meg and I are physicians and work together at Northern Michigan Medicine and Pediatrics. We have been blessed with 4 children and 2 grandchildren, whom we cherish. I also like to be outdoors doing almost anything.

Faith Reformed Church, my work, and my family have been the three strands of strength and service that bind me to Christ. I am grateful to Him for each of these.

dan Reynolds, Deacon

I was raised in Orland Park, IL as a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church. I attended North Park University, where I met my wife, Becky. I am a self-employed independent insurance agent in Traverse city. I enjoy running, cycling, and playing all sports imaginable. I am an avid and steadfast Chicago sports fan.

Becky and I moved to Traverse City 4 years ago and have been regularly attending Faith Reformed Church with our three daughters (Rielyn 6, Kirsten 4, and Annalise 1) for the past 3 1/2 years. We became members last February. Faith Reformed Church has embraced our family and we’ve been blessed by its community in our transition to life up north. We feel at home at Faith Reformed Church.

I am married to Judith and have 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 1 great-grandchild, and a granddog. I retired from Shell Oil Co. as an Environmental Engineer after 30 years, mostly based in Michigan. We first came to Faith Reformed Church in 1992. I was transferred to New Orleans for the final 5 years of my working career and returned to Traverse City and FRC in 2012. I enjoy family (a lot), hiking, construction, and talking theology.

andy terrell, deacon

I have attended Faith Reformed Church for about ten years and have been a member for six years. My wife, Sara, and I have two wonderful boys, Quinten and Silas. We enjoy working around the Terrell homestead in the garden and yard in our free time.

I have enjoyed getting “plugged in” at Faith and currently volunteer on the Media Team, Youth Ministry, and on Consistory as a Deacon. 

I praise the Lord for continually bringing me closer to Him and all the great relationships he has helped me make here at FRC. My goal is to help others get “plugged in” as I have seen what it has done for me spiritually.

I joined Faith Reformed Church shortly after moving to Traverse City from California in 2005. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and seek his guidance every day of my life. I have previously served as a Deacon here during the transition of pastors and various facility modifications.

My wife, Michal (Mike), and I have been married over 51 years and have four grandchildren.