An Interview with Dr. Chris Ledtke

On May 13th, Pastor Drew Poppleton Interviewed Dr. Chris Ledtke, a member of Faith Reformed who is also an infectious disease doctor at Munson Medical Center. We have published the video here so you have a minute-by-minute guide to the content (see below) and can control the playback speed (simply use the settings feature .. no need to feel guilty about watching it at 1.5x speed).

Watch the Interview by clicking here

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Brief Guide to the Video:

0:00 – 4:45 – Introduction and description of his current experience

4:45 – 7:05 – Urging sick people: do not delay care, do not to avoid the hospital

7:06 – 9:10 – His role with COVID-related issues

9:11 – 11:05 – Explanation of testing (actual cases much higher than reported cases)

11:05 – 15:30 – Is lockdown an overreaction?  advice on reopening

15:30 – 19:32 – Coronavirus compared to other diseases

19:33 – 26:46 – Addressing common misconceptions

26:47 – 29:18 – His greatest concern as we open up

29:18 – 30:38 – Particular concerns about out-of-town guests

30:40 – 33:48 – Resources he accesses and recommends

33:49 – 35:10 – Concluding thoughts

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Helpful Resources:

Johns Hopkins COVID page, including maps and Grand Traverse Info

The Michigan COVID page

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