COVID-19 Updates

Thank for you visiting us online! We'll try to keep this page updated. When in doubt, call us! 

Starting September 20, we have three Sunday morning worship options:

9:00AM - indoor worship with masks required throughout

11:00AM - indoor worship with masks required while standing (entry, exit, singing)

At home, via live stream (or later, as recorded) on our YouTube channel

Our reopening protocol can be found here. Further comments about indoor worship, reservations, and masks can found in this Sept. 16 video update from Pastor Drew Poppleton.

There have been other updates through the summer, but the most important other one may be from May 22 when Drew talked about reopening and the values that would guide us: see this brief video and this document.

For ongoing updates, stay connected in one of these ways:

  1. Sign up for the Email List - the best way to keep up-to-date is to be on our email list. Not only are we sending out our normal Friday eBlast, but we are also using email to send out daily communications in the form of updates, encouragements, challenges, etc. Sign up for the email list here.  If you sign up, you'll learn about helpful things like our interview with Dr. Chris Ledtke, published May 15. 

  2. Our Vimeo & YouTube Pages - We are publishing pastoral updates, Psalm-based devotionals, Family Faith Features, and more through our Vimeo account. We also use our YouTube account for sermon uploads and some ministry updates.  
  3. Worship on Sunday Mornings - Although we cannot meet in person, we are still creating worship services each week. We are often using the Sermon Archive to post entire worship services instead of just the sermon. Each worship service becomes available Sunday mornings about 10AM.
  4. The Psalms Series - From April 19 to June 1, we took a deep dive into the Psalms. The Psalms are the prayer book of the Bible. It seemed appropriate to explore them during the lockdown. We not only preached them on Sundays, but we also published weekday reflections, many of which are written by members of the congregation. To view this and much more, access the Psalms Resource page here.
  5. Other Resources - This is a great time to access other resources. For instance, the church has a Zoom account that your small group can use for virtual meetings. Email us for access.  We can also get you a subscription to Right Now Media, which has a ton of good content -- See this page.
  6. Contact the Office - Our office is open Monday thru Thursday. If you have any questions, needs, or would like to submit a prayer request, please don't hesitate to call using the number below or email us. You can also send in your offerings via mail or give online (although, Paypal gets a percentage of online gifts).