Faith Essentials:

Learning to See and Manage Anxiety

The first step in any Faith Essentials Course is to watch the Course Introduction Video, which applies to all courses.


Session 1: Introduction to Emotional Maturity and Anxiety

In this session, the group explores the role of anxiety in the Gospels and begins to grow their familiarity with the basic characteristics of anxiety: what it feels like and its effects on us.

Session 1 Resources: Video — Solitude Guide — For Practice


Session 2: Seeing Anxiety: the Four Common Symptoms

As the title suggests, this session is about the four predictable patterns we experience when we are experiencing anxiety. Each pattern represents an attempt to reduce anxiety through a "quick fix" instead of actually resolving the issue that is triggering the anxiety in the first place. 

Session 2 Resources: Video — Solitude Guide — For Practice


Session 3: Managing Anxiety

If Session 2 was about learning to see anxiety, Session 3 is about learning to manage what we can now recognize. Thankfully, recognizing anxiety is one of the most powerful tools for managing it! Of course, there are other tools as welltools that are explored in this session.

Session 3 Resources: VideoSolitude GuideFor Practice


Session 4: Summary & Reflection on Learning

A summary and review, involving deep reflection. Individuals, couples, and groups make plans for how they will grow in the art of seeing and managing anxiety.

Session 4 Resources: Video Session Slides Reflection Questions