Coaches Training Participant Page

PDF of the Participants Guide

Material from the Retreat on Saturday, Sept. 19

Retreat Video of Session 1

Retreat Video of Session 2

Drew & Jan's Notes ** PowerPoint Slides

Options for Learning

Monday Evening at 7:30 PM Zoom

Thursday Morning at 9:00 AM at Faith in the Intersection Building

Session 1: Orientation

Creating a Group Covenant

Coaching Covenant for a Faithwalking Coach

Coaching Covenant for a Faithwalking Coachee

The Group Covenant created by the Thursday morning class

Session 2: Deep Listening

Trisha Taylor's video on Deep Listening

(also available as an MP3 - right-click to save)

Supplemental Notes on Deep Listening

Session 3: Bowen, Ch. 1 (Nuclear Family Emotional Systems):

More information about the Eight concepts of Bowen Theory can be found at the Bowen Center Website. But be forewarned, they are not covered in the same order as in Gilbert's Book. So, Nuclear Family Emotional Systems is concept #3 on their website (see here)

Session 4: Identify Anxiety and Managing Yourself

Please watch this video on Managing Your Own Anxiety.

Before you watch, you might download the supplement notes.

Session 5: Bowen, Ch. 2 (The Differentiation of Self Scale)

The Bowen Center Page on Differentiation of Self

An article about Jesus and the Differentiation of Self

A 4-minute video introduction to Differentiation

Session 6: Asking Good Questions

A video with tips on asking good questions.

Supplement notes for the video * PDF of PowerPoint slides in the video

Good Coaching Questions (It's also in the appendix)

An 8-minute coaching session.

Session 7: Bowen, Ch. 3 (Triangles)

The Bowen Center page on Triangles

Session 8: Boundaries

Boundaries in Coaching

Session 9: Bowen, Ch. 4 (Cutoff)

The Bowen Center page on Cutoff

Thanksgiving Optional Work: Listen to Recorded Coaching Calls:

A - Jim Herrington

B - Trisha Taylor

C - Chris DeVos

Session 10: Challenge & Safety

Drew Poppleton's Sermons on The Human Condition

Shame and the Coaching Process

Session 11: Bowen, Ch. 5 (Family Projection Process)

The Bowen Center page on Family Projection

Session 12:

Do a review of all the course materials, reflections, and notes. In the process, enjoy yourself and the journey you've taken with us and God. Also, make sure you understand the content and how it plays out in our lives. Take note of where you want to explore more. Take note of any questions.

Then, compose a one-page reflection to send the rest of the class. The one-page reflection could be anything: it could be your greatest takeaway, a summary of your combined learning, your experience around ___such-and-such___, a newfound thing for you to explore with God. It should be something that reflects your experience, and if so, it will inherently be a blessing to others.