Faithwalking at Faith

We are all seeking a spirituality that is vibrant and brings life to us and others.  This will not happen by chance, but will happen by learning, practice, and reflection.  It is our hope that you will give serious consideration to take a step of faith and enter into serious discipleship.    

We, at Faith Reformed Church, have come to understand the importance of discipleship in a coaching relationship in bringing about this alignment.  We do this through a discipleship process called Faithwalking.  

Want to get a glimpse of what this looks like in people's lives?  Watch the videos below. 

Consider These Transformation Stories


What now?

If you are feeling like its time to do something different in your life to see some real changes, give some serious consideration to participating in Faithwalking at Faith.  We are excited to walk with you on this journey of authentic transformation, which comes through the power of the Holy Spirit as we lay aside all that stops us from authentic obedience. 

Each year we will be hosting a 101 Retreat Weekend.  At this retreat you will get the big picture of what it means to walk by faith and press onward towards transformation.  But the real changes comes in the following experience, which you are deeply encouraged to step into.  In all honesty, there really isn't a need to take 101 if you are not willing to enter into 201.

Each year we will also be accepting those who have gone through 101 into the 201 experience.  This is where the metaphorical rubber meets the road in a 24-week process.  We will carefully pair you up with coaches to help you move into the hard work that is required for authentic transformation to happen.  

If you are feeling called to dive further in, there are more experiences that we would like to offer you to help you live into the life God is calling you.  Faith Walking has a 202, 301, and Missional Marriage experiences that can assist you further to living the fully human, fully alive life God is calling you to. 

Please contact Drew Peterson for more information.  Be sure to ask him about his own story!  

(231) 947-7082 ext. 206 or