On June 30, 2020, the Vision 2020 Team (an appointed task force in the RCA) published their final report. You are encouraged to read it here: Vision 2020 Report

On July 26, 2020, Pastor Drew Poppleton distributed a video explaining various denominational realities related to the report. It is 27 minutes, but you have control over the playback speed. (After you click the link below, the video will pop up, and you can control the speed via the "settings" icon.

Drew's July 2020 Video Commentary on the Vision 2020 Report

In the video, Drew references the timeline of the RCA & Sexuality. You can find that here.

Six months later, Drew has another update that builds on the first one. This time, 13 minutes:

Drew's February 2021 Video Update

Supplemental Docs to February video:

— RCA Preferred Future from Eddy Aleman

Announcement about General Synod postponed to October 2021

Regarding the Alliance of Reformed Churches (ARC)

— ARC Missional Overview

— ARC Organizational Convictions

Key items of note in the ARC Documents: 

Both documents are DRAFTS

The Great Lakes Catechism & Belhar Confession would be included as appendices to other confessions. 

Participation would be voluntary with a “yearly recommitment to theological norms.” 

Church multiplication is assumed to be a priority of every church. 

Congregations own their properties. 

Ordination of women is a congregational choice.

Theological education will involve "a single ordained ministry oversight board"

More recently, another option has emerged—an option not mentioned in the latest video: Unity Missional Classis. This seems to be an effort to stay within a restructured RCA, but move beyond some divisive quibbling in order to focus on mission and leadership development. They have put out three documents: Mission and Vision Document, Policies and Procedures, and draft Bylaws