To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

God is not interested in the physical attitude of prayer. It doesn’t make any difference in what horizontal, vertical, or oblong direction your carcass happens to be; if your soul is not down before God, you are not praying.

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People are even more wonderful than all of creation.

Look around. Every person you see, by virtue of being an image-bearer of God, every man, woman and child is a reflection of God and therefore has great worth. Equal dignity belongs to both sexes, to people of every ethnic group, to every race and tribe and tongue around the world.


Dr. Drew Poppleton, Lead Pastor

Here is God’s intended design: You are royalty with dominion. And you were designed to co-create. You may not literally be an artisan or a creator but you are cultivating something according to God’s purposes. We’ve been commissioned to image God as we fulfill this vocation to mediate God’s rule on earth.

from The Human Condition, Spiritual Formation series

Dr. Drew Poppleton
Lead Pastor

God’s kingdom is a kingdom in which love and justice and truth and life and holiness and peace reign unhindered.

from The Banquet in the Coming Kingdom, The Coming Reign of God series

Dr. Drew Poppleton
Lead Pastor

As we mature in Christ, we cease living out of ego and begin living into new creation and new identity. As we grow into the image of Christ, the hope and joy of the resurrection will manifest in our lives as an upward cycle carrying us toward reconciliation and restoration.

from Maturing in Christ, Spiritual Formation series

Dr. Drew Poppleton
Lead Pastor


“Honor the Lord with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops.” 
Proverbs 3:9

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As followers of Jesus, we are called to be his hands and feet, loving, serving and healing the broken, hurting and hopeless of this world.