Stars … Lighting the Way

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This devotion was written by Linda Haubold, based on Mt. 2:9-10, II Cor 4:6, & II Pet 1:19 (read them here).

Did you know that there is the image of a star in the core of every apple?   I didn’t. Luci Shaw introduced this notion to me when I read her poem, “Stars in Apple Cores”. Curious, I investigated further and sure enough, when cut just right, a star shape appears in the middle of the apple.

Perhaps you have already revealed this secret to your children or grandchildren? All you do is take an apple, think of it as a sphere shaped like the earth, and then cut it through along the equator. Voila! (see here)

Shaw draws our attention from that apple star to another prominent star:

Stars in Apple Cores

are the one who put
in apple cores
of all stars and symbols
and all grace,
You have reshaped
the empty space
deep in my apple heart
into a core of light
a star to shine
like Bethlehem’s far-
to-near Night Sign:
birth announcement
of Your
Day Star

It was the Bethlehem star, that “bright birth announcement” that motivated the journey of the Magi. Guided by this Heavenly beacon, they undertook a long journey, a journey of waiting, waiting to see and worship the one to be born King of the Jews.

They arrived in Jerusalem and were led to a house where they saw the child with his mother Mary. Their waiting was over. Their worship began. Gifts fit for a king were given. 

Like the Magi, we are coming close to the end of our waiting for the Christ child.
Like the Magi, we might be overcome with worship this Christmas Day.  
Like the Magi, we may offer gifts fit for a king.

But unlike the Magi, our waiting is not over. We wait for the second coming of our king. We continue to live in hope trusting there is another coming.

Yet, as Shaw reminds us, when we have given ourselves to the Christ child, God reshapes the empty space deep in our apple heart so that it shines with the Light of the Day Star himself (II Peter 1:19).

This has become the good news for me as I journey on like the Magi. As I wait for the destination, I do not walk alone. The Day Star walks with me, keeping me company, lighting my way, and announcing the news to others sojourners.

So, I say, “Let the waiting continue!”

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