A Conversation with Wes Hill

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On Thursday, October 8, we had the chance to talk to Wesley Hill. The Rev. Dr. Hill is not only an author, speaker, priest, and professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary; he is also a committed celibate man. Although he finds himself attracted to men, he accepts the historic Christian teaching on marriage and sexuality. As he says in the video below, “I am single by choice.”

In the conversation, he …

… shares a little bit of his story,

… explains why he willingly uses the moniker ‘gay,’

… answers not only what he’s called to say ‘no’ to, but also what he’s called to say ‘yes’ to,

… issues a call to a deeper understanding of friendship,

… explains why he has remained part of the Episcopal church,

and much more.

Click this link to watch the Zoom recording of the conversation.

Here are links to things mentioned in the video:

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