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We are created for in, through, and for community.

We consider Small Groups to be a critical part of living life as followers of Jesus Christ. They are places of growth, service, love, & belonging. If you’d like to join or host a small group, please get in touch with Pastor Drew Peterson.

For the ministry season 2022-23, our theme is ROOTEDGROWINGSHARING (see here for more info). We want that focus to carry into our small groups as well. So, we have crafted a resource guide for small groups and their leaders — see the image below, with the links preceding it. We would encourage you to use any one of the resources to cultivate relationships with one another in your group setting. More resources will be added in 2023 as we move into the SHARING portion of the theme.

Here are the direct links for the image below:

Study scriptural plants in the Bible with this reference Link

Color scripture and plants in this coloring book Link

Grow your own plants all winter long in your home Link

Carry on the theme this year with these house plants Link

Caring For One Another Link

The Critical Journey: Stages in the Life of Faith Link

Creation Care Video Lectures Link

For The Life of The World Link