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Our Ministry Year theme is STORIES.

During our Ministry Year 2024, our theme is STORY. We chose that theme for multiple reasons: God’s revelation contains mostly stories. The Good News itself is conveyed as a story in four parts (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John). Mark 4:34 says that Jesus only taught using stories. It seems that, to coin a term, God wants to re-story our lives. 

During Lent, we want to be steeped in the Greatest Story Ever Told—the story of God suffering on our behalf so that we might be reconciled to Him. The Gospel of Matthew will guide us through the story. On Ash Wednesday, we’ll start with the Ten Bridesmaids, which admonishes us to be like the five wise ones who were ready for the bridegroom. Lent is a time of readying ourselves. We will then traverse through the major parts of the story, all the way to arrest, crucifixion, death, and resurrection. In the process, we hope to be re-storied yet again. 

The Bible is like a giant tapestry. Just as each thread in a tapestry reinforces and enhances the larger, more beautiful image, so too the secondary storylines of the Bible serve to reinforce and enhance the main plot of God’s story. The Bible is replete with these Holy Threads, these stories within THE story. We should not only learn to recognize them, but also learn to live by the lessons contained in them. 

“The whole message of the Bible is the story of God’s love for and relationship with his creation. It is important – both for understanding mission theology and for the message of our own missionary work – to know the story of the scripture and be able to tell it. The Bible is God’s story told through different authors, speaking different languages, in different times, using a variety of literary forms. But it is the single story of God: a public story or “open secret”; that is the story of God for all of his creation.” – Scott Sunquist

Why Story?

  • Because God relates to us so much through stories and narratives.
  • Because Mark 4:34 says that Jesus only taught using stories.
  • Because the Good News itself is conveyed as a story.
  • Because we often believe stories that are not gospel stories. We believe stories about ourselves, about others, about the world, and about God that are not accurate. It seems that one goal of the Bible is to re-story our lives.
  • Because we are “story people.”
  • We love hearing stories and telling stories. In fact, some would say that it’s imperative that we tell our stories and listen to other people’s stories.

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