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Below, you will find some of the ministry teams at Faith Reformed. If you’re looking to volunteer on a Sunday morning, then read on. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, then you might try our “Current Opportunities” or “Ongoing Opportunities” pages.

Sunday Morning Ministries and weekly volunteers are an essential part of FRC. Each week we have lots of duties and checklists that need to be completed in order to make Sunday service happen. We encourage you to sign up for a team or ministry that may interest you. These teams and ministries at Faith Reformed Church are opportunities for you to fellowship with other members of the congregation. 

Welcome Team — This team consists of Greeters and Ushers, both of which are tasked with providing a hospitable environment on Sunday mornings. Do you have the gift of hospitality and/or a heart for new people to feel welcome? Contact David Anderson

Music Team — This team consists of musicians and vocalists. If you have talents in either arena, we want see God minister to people through you. Contact Stephanie Wesley

Tech Team — This team runs technical elements necessary for the in-person and online worship experiences. We need people to run camera, computer (forwarding the lyrics), and switcher (controlling which images we send to the live stream). This has become a vital ministry and we could always use more people. Contact Stephanie Wesley

Design Team — Depending on the season and the sermon series, there’s a group of people, led by Stephanie, that works very hard to make the space beautiful, hospitable, and theologically appropriate. They are always looking for more people, so if you have an eye for design or ingenuity in creating, contact Stephanie Wesley

Liturgy Team — The people on this team are trained to lead prayers and readings. There’s also a subset of this team that helps find or create the liturgical elements in our worship. Drew & Stephanie also recruit a fresh Creative Planning team for each sermon series. Contact Drew Poppleton

Nursery — Do you have a heart for little ones? We are looking for more people to serve in this way. If God is calling you, contact Andrea Poppleton

Children & Worship — This is our official children’s ministry (ages 3-10) on Sunday mornings. The Children & Worship approach uses storytelling, multi-sensory materials, wondering questions, and creative response time to help children meet and learn about God. Children are invited to encounter and worship God through storytelling, inviting wonder, and responding to the mystery of God. It is a Montessori-based approach to recounting Bible stories. In this ministry, you can be a storyteller (which requires training) or an assistant. Contact Andrea Poppleton

Teachers for all ages — If you feel led, we encourage you to share your teaching gift, for our Children & Worship, Learning Hour, etc. Start by contacting Andrea Poppleton.

Facilities Team- This group helps Facilities Manager, Jonathan Low, discern what property issues require the most attention and how we will get people involved in solving those problems. Jonathan also runs the Monday Morning Crew, a group of men that help clean on Monday mornings and join in fellowship together for conversation and the occasional lunch. This is essential work because we have a large campus. If you’re interested, contact Jonathan.  

Security Team — We want to provide a safe atmosphere for all ages on Sunday mornings. , out of an abundance of caution and a strong desire to provide a safe experience for all ages, we created a Security Team. They have red lanyards and serve in four roles: Downstairs, Upstairs, Rover, and Angel Eyes (i.e., watching all the security cameras). Our Security Team members are well-trained to handle a variety of circumstances—fires, natural disasters, the mentally ill, and active shooters. Contact Jay Youngflesh

To learn more about specific ministry partnerships, head here. To learn more about local, national, and global missions, head here.