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Ongoing Opportunities at Faith Reformed Church

Men's & Women's Ministry

Men’s and Women’s Ministry is an important part of life here at Faith Reformed Church. We have multiple bible and book studies throughout the week on campus to be a part of. Each ministry team puts together a list of events and opportunities to fellowship with one another throughout the year.  The Women’s Ministries also serve as the area host site for the annual IF: Gathering in our Intersection building.

Young at Heart

Young at Heart is a ministry that wants to honor our members those 70 & older.  Once a month, volunteers gather together to provide a luncheon to show gratitude. It is a wonderful opportunity to get connected to those in the older generation of Faith Reformed Church and from the community. If interested in volunteering, please contact Cheyanne Fowler.

Youth Group/Younglife Partnership

Our youth minister, Sam Javed, is always looking for more mature adults to have a positive influence on our 6th-12th graders. If you have a heart for helping young people find their God-given identity, please consider joining youth leadership. Sam also serves Young Life at East Middle School. They have a thriving Wyldlife Club there and Sam could also use more leaders. 

Outreach Opportunities

Community Meal — every Thursday night, we serve a free meal to those in need. Depending on the season, we serve anywhere from 45 to 80 meals on a given Thursday. This requires 8-10 volunteers, who almost act like a small group together. We are always looking for more help! 

Small Groups

We urge all adults to be in a Small Group. These relationships are essential for establishing a sense of belonging and a place to grow. Contact Drew Poppleton.

Discipleship & Missions Team

These groups are a burgeoning team under the leadership of Drew Peterson.  The Discipleship Team is a group that will help determine discipleship/formation opportunities for all ages and all spiritual maturity levels. Our Missions Team leads all efforts to coordinate with our local, national, and international mission partners.

Learning Hour

Learning Hour is a time for all ages following Sunday service to discuss more in-depth about our sermon. Our goal is to help guide people in a transformative experience of discovering, becoming, and living into the Kingdom mission of Jesus Christ.

Discovering who Jesus is and who He has called us to be, incrementally becoming the child of God we are created to be, and together living out in recognizable and accountable ways the Kingdom teachings of Jesus in our relationships and interactions with all people as part of an active community of followers of Jesus.

Facilities Team

This group helps Facilities Manager, Jonathan Low, discern what property issues require the most attention and how we will get people involved in solving those problems. To serve on this team, contact Jonathan.

Jonathan also runs the Monday Morning Crew, a group of men that help clean on Monday mornings and join in fellowship together for conversation and the occasional lunch. This is essential work because we have a large campus. 

Kingdom Journey

 We believe these paths lead us not only to live in the kingdom personally but also to be agents of the Kingdoms in our community and world. We’re all seeking a spirituality that draws us closer to God and brings life to the world around us.  This will not happen by chance but instead requires intentional openness to the Spirit’s influence.  We hope you will take a step of faith and enter into deliberate discipleship through the Kingdom Journey.  In this process, we have identified three essential segments that people can journey through to live a fully human life.  Kingdom Journey Pilgrim, Guide, and Adventurer are learning communities that help you navigate life in relationships and the Kingdom of God.  Contact Drew Peterson for more.