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Upcoming Opportunities at FRC

Safe Harbor Shelter, Traverse City

Safe Harbor — each winter, Faith Reformed Church sponsors two weeks at Safe Harbor, an emergency shelter for those experiencing housing issues. Our most recent volunteer week was December 3-9, 2022. This is an Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity that will continue each winter. 

For the 2022-23 winter, we will continue our volunteer dates on February 18-24th, 2023. 

To sign up to serve with Faith Reformed Church, please contact the church office. 



We desperately want to stay faithful in these times, but we know we can’t muster up the faith all on our own. IF:2023 matters to us, because for two days we get to gather and remind each other that God is who we need. God is who will provide. We gather for two days of worship, with our Bibles, and we ask God to move. We want you to gather your people in your home, in your local church, and on your college campus as we follow God together! For more information on IF:2023 Traverse City at FRC, head here.

Kingdom Journey: Pilgrim

We’re all seeking a spirituality that draws us closer to God and brings life to the world around us.  This will not happen by chance but instead requires intentional openness to the Spirit’s influence.  We hope you will take a step of faith and enter into deliberate discipleship through the Kingdom Journey.  In this process, we have identified three essential segments that people can journey through to live a fully human life.  

The first stage we have identified is Pilgrim – Path To Personal Transformation.  In this stage, we offer a weekend retreat that leads into a 22-week journey that cultivates deep learning, rich practices, and intentional reflection with a Guide. This will be taking place starting April 21-23, 2023 for the first Retreat Weekend. 

 If interested in taking part in the next Kingdom Journey Pilgrim for 2023, Contact Drew Peterson.

Recent & Past Opportunities at FRC

Creative December Learning Hours

All generations of the church were invited to participate in a Baking Hour during the Learning Hour times on Sunday, December 4th, and Sunday, December 11th. Individuals were guided in a time of baking cookies and other Christmas treats to share with those they visisted and sang Christmas Carols to on December 11th.  

Coloring Christmas: Dec. 11 & 18 only — In the midst of this busy season, take some time to slow down and ponder your place in God’s grand story. Join Linda Haubold as she leads guided, contemplative reflection on a few Advent themes. These sessions will be tactile, imaginative, and creative. You will experience the season in a way you have not before.