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Upcoming Opportunities at FRC

The Women of Easter

Linda Haubold will facilitate a women’s study from January 18th to March 21st on Thursdays from 10-12 PM in the Family Life Center conference room. The study was written by Liz Curtis Higgs, who delves into the biblical text to help us view Easter through the eyes of three women named Mary: Mary of Bethany, who anoints His feet and fills the air with her perfume; Mary of Nazareth, who remains by His side from His first breath to His last; and Mary Magdalene, who bravely supports her Teacher through His darkest hours. What a trio. What a Savior! Please RSVP to the Main FRC Church Office. 

Believing God

Ladies, join Bard Aja and Joan Burgess for their new book study Believing in God by Beth Moore. This study will start January 22 at 10 AM in the Family Life Center Rooms 1&2. You can sign up and purchase your books by emailing Joan or Barb at ajabarb@gmail.com or kilgor999@gmail.com

IF Gathering 2024

For those of you who have attended IF in the past, FRC will not be hosting this year as our leadership team will be attending in Texas at the live event.

Instead, Sara Javed is partnering with BlueBridge Event Center to host IF Gathering.

IF:2024 is a chance to gather. A reason to celebrate. A moment to refocus on our mission to go make disciples because we know our time on earth is short. And if Jesus were to come back in our lifetime, wouldn’t we want to have done everything in our power to reach every person on earth?

Come join others at BlueBridge Event Centre for the 10-year celebration of IF:Gathering! This conference has had the mission of equipping and discipling women to affect their communities and further the Kingdom of God. You will experience worship, speakers, and fellowship over these two days as you become more equipped and encouraged through Gods word.

To Register and learn more about IF, head here. 

More Upcoming Events

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