Looking Back … Looking Ahead

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We are just over halfway through the 2022-23 Ministry Year. It seemed like a good time to step back from the daily/weekly grind and see the big picture. With that in mind, we hope you’ll watch the video update below. It is long (40 minutes), but well worth your time. These sorts of videos only come out once or twice a year, so we’re not asking much.

Here are the link to the resources referenced in the video:

The invitation to 40-day PRUNING devotions — http://bit.ly/3IKlyx9

ROOTED document — http://bit.ly/3KyhaTv

ROOTED video explanation — http://bit.ly/3xHUkRz (recording during the Learning Hour on Feb. 19)

Bulletin insert Jan 22nd — http://bit.ly/3KtIHFB (Reformation effects on worship)
Bulletin insert Feb 19th — http://bit.ly/3YRy6sp (Rooted in a location and a history — including stained glass)

Syllabus “Deeply Rooted: The Reformed Tradition” — https://bit.ly/3xD2quw (includes links to handouts and recordings)

Syllabus for “Apologetics in the 21st Century” — https://bit.ly/3VYOCoZ

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