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(Faithwalking is now Kingdom Journey.  See intro video here.)

We’re all seeking a spirituality that draws us closer to God and consequently, brings life to the world around us. This will not happen by chance, but instead requires intentional openness to the Spirit’s influence. It is our hope that you will take a step of faith and enter into deliberate discipleship through our newly created process called Kingdom Journey. In this process, we have identified three essential segments that people can journey through to live the fully human life.  

The first segment we have identified is PILGRIM — the Path To Personal Transformation. PILGRIM involves an opening retreat followed by a 22-week journey that cultivates deep learning, rich practices, and intentional reflection with a Guide. You can hear more about this process in the videos below.

The next segment is a 12-week class that prepares each pilgrim to become a GUIDE — Learning To Walk With Others. This is less of a “class” and more of a learning community. We learn alongside others in order to walk alongside others. The bible, and Jesus in particular, calls us to become disciples who disciple others. The GUIDE class equips us to journey with others as they navigate life in a discipleship relationship. 

The final segment we call the ADVENTURER — Living Into The Kingdom. This is a learning community that intentionally explores and ushers the Kingdom of God into the community and world in creative ways.

We believe these three processes provide the necessary pathways to not only live into the kingdom personally, but also be agents of the Kingdoms in our community and the larger world. 

Explore more in the stories below, or please get in touch with Pastor Drew Peterson via EMAIL or phone: 231.947.7082 x206 to set up an appointment to talk about this ministry.

Stories of Transformation

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Kingdom Journey – Pilgrim

Dates for the next Pilgrim Retreat: 

April 30, 8:30 AM – 8:30 PM
May 1, 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Dates for Pilgrim 22-week journey:
Weekly from May to October

If you feel like it’s time to do something different in your life and you want to see real changes, consider participating in the Pilgrim segment of the  Kingdom Journey. We want to walk with you on this journey of authentic transformation, which comes through the power of the Holy Spirit to lay aside all that stops us from truly living as Christ intended.

We strongly encourage you to signup for this stage of the journey and begin moving with great intentionality towards a fully human life in God’s Kingdom and for God’s Kingdom.