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Jan 20-April 7th, 2022

At Faith, we believe discipleship is a privilege and expectation Christ gave us. But how do we actively help others follow Jesus in today’s culture? We think coaching is one of the best solutions to this problem.

Coaching is the art of coming alongside someone to help them grow their awareness of God’s work in their lives and God’s future desires for their lives.

These days, there are coaches for just about everything: leadership, career, finances, heath, etc. This is not by accident. As we seek to grow our capacity in any given realm, we benefit immensely when someone asks us provocative questions and provides life-giving accountability. We think this is no less true for discipleship.

A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ, one who seeks to practice his teachings by living further and further into their God-given identity. At every stage of our discipleship journey, we grow our capacity to follow Jesus when wise companions come alongside us, listen deeply, and encourage our development by helping us face life’s hardest challenges. That’s the job of a discipleship coach. It’s a job that is easier said than done. To do this well, we need tools and experiences, which is exactly why we’re offering this training!

We would like you to participate in this custom-designed course, especially if you lead a small group or a ministry. This course offers essential tools that will greatly benefit every leadership opportunity to which God has called you, regardless of whether those opportunities are in your home, neighborhood, or workplace.

For more info, please get in touch with Pastor Drew Peterson via EMAIL or phone: 231.947.7082 x206. He would love to have a conversation with you about discipleship coaching.