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Local Missions

Traverse City Michigan

Bethany Christian Services – Safe Families for Children

When a family is in crisis, kids can become vulnerable to neglect and abuse. No family should experience this. Through the Safe Families for Children ministry, volunteer Host Families offer loving care to parents, watching over their children while the parents regain stability.

South Boardman, Michigan

Crossroads Farm

We work in cooperation with rural churches to provide quality youth programming and outreach events. It is our desire that every rural secondary student be able to hear the Gospel in a welcoming environment and be given the opportunity to respond to that message.

Traverse City Michigan

Freedom Builders

REBUILDING LIVES – ONE HOME AT A TIME. Freedom Builders exists to connect the family of God with the disadvantaged through volunteer opportunities, especially housing assistance projects.

Traverse City, Michigan

Thrive Medical Center

Thrive is a professional medical clinic, dedicated to serving women and their unborn children in the Grand Traverse Area. They provide free professional health services in a caring, non-judgmental environment. Their goal is to equip women and men with the support and services they need to thrive.

Traverse City Michigan

WLJN Radio

Good News Media Inc. brought WLJN 89.9 FM on the air October 1, 1989. Trusting that God will use music and teaching to encourage the faith of existing Christians and nurture the faith of spiritual seekers, Faith has sponsored the station for many years.

National Missions

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Center of Hope

The Center of Hope staff shares the hope and peace of God’s love in Sioux Falls through holistically addressing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of individuals through winter clothing distributions, a bikes-for-work ministry, the care center, faith community nursing, and pastoral calls.

Orlando, Florida

CRU-Kevin and Peggy Grip

We provide educational resources, connect teachers with other educators, and equip them to leave a lasting impact on youth, other teachers, and society.

Detroit, Michigan

El Reino de Dios

Lugar de bendicion por la presencia de Dios, lugar de salud y aprendizaje de la Palabra de Dios. (This church in Detroit wants to be a place blessedc by the presence of God, where people can learn from the Word of God and experience fullness of life.)

Jackson County, Kentucky

Grace Covenant Ministries

GCM provides Bible camps, sports, art, and gymnastic camps and programs for local youth in Jackson County, Kentucky. GCM executive director Tommy Miracle uses these opportunities to share Jesus with the people in the greater Jackson County area. GCM’s goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community.

Detroit, Michigan

New City Kids

You build confidence. You give hope. You share love. You transform lives.

Traverse City, Michigan

Ratio Christi, Northwestern Michigan College – Tony and Kaylene Feiger

Ratio Christi isn’t just another apologetics organization. We use our theological training to share the Gospel on college and university campuses across the globe. We reach the people that nobody else can – and we need your help.

Sutton, Alaska

Victory Ministries of Alaska

From children through adults all will find a unique adventure that creates lasting memories! If hosting a retreat of your own fits your needs, join the many churches, youth groups and other organizations that use our facilities to enhance their program and provide a get-away experience for their guests.

Toronto, Canada

Zoe Church – Mike and Jessie Aja Felicicchia

Zoe Toronto began as a group of friends whose lives were transformed by discovering Jesus together during our university years. We experienced God powerfully in our small, tight-knit communities centered on the love of Jesus and his good news for the world, and we began dreaming of a Jesus movement that births and nurtures many such small Jesus communities. 

International Missions


Anchors of Hope

Anchors of Hope works to bring food, water, education, biblical truth and the hope of Jesus Christ to Haitians in need.



Due to the sensitive nature of this mission, we have not listed the names of the missionaries we sponsor in Turkey. They produce radio programming, work at a cultural center, and mentor new believers.

Yokohama, Japan

Nathan and Nozomie Brownell

In a culture where adolescence can bring unbearable stress, their ministry is critical in creating Christ-centered environments of acceptance, forgiveness, and hope.

A General RCA Missions Fund

Care Network

Donations to Care Network support compassion, evangelism and leadership initiatives

Malawi, Africa

Children’s Feeding Program

The goal of the program is to rescue the lives of at-risk Malawian children under the age of five by providing monthly distributions of a high protein energy supplement.

Guayaquil, Ecuador

Children’s Ministries, Inc.

The primary purpose of Children’s Ministries, Inc. is to bring the love and life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ to children.  Our initial emphasis is in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but our vision will grow as God leads us into other locations.  With the Great Commission as our primary goal, there is no limit on the places God will take us. 


Evangelical Missions Hospital

This charity hospital was founded in 1913 and provides much-needed care for poor people in the Aswan district. We sponsor medical residents who choose to work here.

South India

Mission Partners India (MPI)

MPI focuses on three issues: Education, Empowerment, and Village Gathering Places. They want to see the marginalized people of South India reach their full potential in the image of God.


Soaring Unlimited

Soaring Unlimited Haiti has developed initiatives to help address the needs of Haitian people, including medical care, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, housing, and education and training for children, youth, and adults.


Words of Hope

India is a hard place to do ministry. More unreached people live here than anywhere else on earth. In many areas of northern India and Bhutan, less than 1% of the population is Christian. Remainders of a harsh caste system make evangelism here particularly difficult.

U.S. and Nepal

Yakuv Gurung

Yakuv Gurung is called to train and raise local leaders and church planters to reach the Nepali-speaking people in Nepal and the U.S. Yakuv works with RCA partner Jibit Asha International (JAI) and local planters in Nepal to make strategies to reach their communities.

Please note: Due to regional sensitivities and personal safety considerations, details on some ministries are available through the church office rather than online.