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After church this past Sunday, about 45 adults stuck around to process the sermon. I could not be more proud that people engaged and the way they engaged. They wrestled with the content of Sunday’s sermon and the proposed nature of God’s design for marriage. More importantly, they wrestled with the implications, including the need for radical hospitality and loving pastoral care for sexual minorities, esp. since most don’t trust churches as safe spaces to explore life with God.

I’m mindful that 45 people is just a fraction of our adult members, so others might need spaces (safe spaces) to process. Moreover, I’m mindful that many people have yet to watch the 18-minute preview of the Sunday sermon or the 39-minute sermon itself. That being the case, I want to use this post to encourage a few things:

First, I encourage you to watch the preview and the sermon. I have included them below.

Second, I encourage you to explore this blog because I have not only gone to great lengths to provide sermon synopses, but also many other resources.

Third, I encourage you to process these things with people you trust, and hopefully one of those people is ME! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Sermons are monological and conversation can be so much better. Not only that, but some of you can’t make it to the conversation afterward the sermon. BUT, I can meet you for coffee, talk on the phone, or just answer an email. Please don’t sit in silence if you have questions, wonderings, or pushback. Lots of people are processing this stuff in their small groups, but maybe you’re alone with your thoughts? Please contact me!

Here’s the video that explains a framework that has informed my pastoral approach to this sermon series. If I had to summarize it, I’d say I am trying to meet people where they are at and I realize lots of people are in different places regarding human sexuality. But, that’s just a one-sentence summary. I hope you watch this whole video:

Also, here’s the video of the sermon from October 31:

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