In Review: The 1st Series of the Ministry Year

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During the 2022-23 Ministry Year (Sept. – June), our theme is horticultural in nature:

This theme is guiding our work together, including the activities on the calendar (see here), the way we’re expressing our identity (see here), and the sermon series.

We recently finished the first sermon series of the ministry year: PLANT-BASED THEOLOGY. Following a stand-alone sermon on Sept. 11 about our core identity, we then jumped into various biblical passages that utilize horticultural metaphors:

Sept. 18 — Psalm 1 … Like a Tree Planted by Streams of Water
Sept. 25 — John 15:1-17 … Pruned to Bear More Fruit
Oct. 2 — Isaiah 58 … Like a Well-Watered Garden
Oct. 9 — Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23 … Good Soil
Oct. 16 — Matthew 13:31-35 … Like a Mustard Seed
Oct. 23 — Isaiah 61 … Oaks of Righteousness (Sam Javed)
Oct. 30 — Genesis 6:5-22 … Unqualified (JP Sundararajan)

To hear Drew Poppleton tie them together, please watch this 6-minute video:

As he mentions in the video, we will dive further into each area in 2023, with Jan-Feb focused on ROOTED, March-April (Lent) focused on GROWING, & Apr-Jun focused on SHARING. In the meantime, we hope the horticultural metaphors are stimulating your faith.

Feel free to comment below on how God used these initial sermons to impact your life.

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