Resources for the Lord's Prayer

From February 2 to April 5, 2020, we focused on the Lord's Prayer. Our desire was for God to disrupt our rote recitations of the prayer. Instead, we wanted our hearts to be shaped so that our wills might align with God's will. Testify as to how God used this series by filling out this feedback form.

Throughout the series, we used this webpage to point to our various initiatives and to amass resources related to the Lord's Prayer. Thus, all the items listed below can be used to aid in reflection, this kind of reflection.  

But before we get to the initiatives and resources, a review of the Sunday sermons:

Feb. 2 – Mt. 6:5-15 – When You Pray ... by Pastor Drew

Feb. 9 – Mt. 6:9 – Our Father in Heaven by Drew Peterson

Feb. 16 – Mt. 6:9 – Hallowed Be Your Name by Drew

Feb. 23 – Mt. 6:10 – Your Kingdom Come by Drew

Mar. 1 – Mt. 6:10 – Your Will be Done by Drew

Mar. 8 – Mt. 6:11 – Give Us Tomorrow's Bread Today by Drew

Mar. 15 – Mt. 6:12 – Forgive Us as We Forgive by Drew (full service) 

Mar. 22 – Mt. 6:13 – Lead Us Not into Temptation by Drew (full service)

Mar. 29 – Mt. 6:13 – Deliver Us from Evil by Scott (full service) 

Apr. 5 – Mt. 6:13-15 – "Pettiness" & a Series Summary by Drew (full service)

Initiatives:   Resources:

Art Project  We solicited art (visual or otherwise) associated with the Lord's Prayer. Stephanie describes the  project in this video and then introduces a virtual art gallery in this video. The art gallery is a Prezi available here.

Paraphrase Project  — We asked people to write their own paraphrase of the Lord's Prayer. All the paraphrases are in the Prezi. Some were shared during worship, like Jim Gritter & Keira Wesley on Feb. 9. and Six Paraphrases recorded via Zoom for March 29.

Daily Prayer Prompt — We’re trying something new with this series: prayer prompts sent to your phone or email. Sign up and you will receive (almost) daily reminders and resources related to the Lord’s Prayer. Either text “@lp-dpp”to 81010 or go sign up online

Foreign Language Project  — We have asked all our missionaries to submit videos of them saying the Lord's Prayer in a local dialect. These videos are slowly rolling in: 

One other feature — On Feb. 23, we played a video that allowed members of Reflectors (Faith Church--Dyer, IN) to lead us in the Lord's Prayer. Watch again here

 — Our worship director Stephanie Wesley has generated lists of worship songs associated with the Lord's Prayer. Click here to access both a Spotify playlist and a series of YouTube videos.

For Children Our children's director Trisha Novak amassed resources for kids, including coloring pages and audio links that will help you child memorize the prayer.  Click here.

Sermon materialNot only could you access the sermon archive, but the pastors also recommend these resources:
The Learning Hour — Every week, a different person is leading an Adult Class related to the Lord's Prayer. The class is both experiential and reflective. Here are a few of the resources used so far: