Worship Songs at Faith Reformed Church

The Psalmist repeatedly tells us to “sing a new song” to the Lord (Ps. 33:3, 40:3, 96:1, 98:1, 144:9, 149:1). Sometimes, though, it’s difficult to learn a new song in the short time we’re together on Sundays and you'd like to learn songs ahead of time so your heart and mind can fully engage with the Lord during our musical time of worshiping God.  Or maybe you heard a song that touched your heart & would like to enjoy it from home.  

We invite you to use these songs for your personal time of worshiping God, to share with a friend who needs encouragement, and to prepare your heart for upcoming Sunday services. May God meet you in a tangible, powerful way!

Check out our current Spotify playlists, curated specifically throughout Lent 2021:

Lenten Worship Playlist-- all the songs we're singing together on Sunday mornings

Mellow Lent Songs-- intended to use during personal quiet times of reflection